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VW Inflatable rooftop tent

An new option to increase living space in your camper

This unique VW inflatable rooftop tent just hit the market, from Decathlon brand, Quechua. Priced at a reasonable €550/£499.

Decathlon Quechua rooftop tent

While rooftop tents are not exactly a new product on the market, the designers at French outdoor equipment brand, Quechua, have come to tackle and modernise the functionality with their new offering. Taking a look at the details released on the website today, we’re extremely excited about how usable this product might look for those who do not have a poptop style camper.

Leave bikes and kites locked away, while you pitch up in the penthouse.

Until now, similar products have mostly been situated within a hard shell type of construction, which connects to the roof bars and unfolds sideways into a large platform. While extremely durable, this method does considerably increase the height clearance of any vehicle and can be very heavy (over 70kg for a lightweight model). The VW inflatable rooftop tent from Quechua addresses this problem with a fully removable tent, that packs down into a carry back and gets stored inside the vehicle. It weighs a mere 25kg, and that includes the 7kg ladder!

Decathlon van tent 500
Decathlon van tent 500 inflatable

Who is the new VW inflatable rooftop tent for? Decathlon has a list of compatible vans on which the tent can be mounted, not limited to the VW Transporter models. So for those people who love to van camp, and carry their fair share of toys on board, this tent offers a very usable method to increase the living space and security.

Bikes, kites and everything else can be left downstairs, locked inside your vehicle. You take a pitch up in the penthouse, on what looks like a very comfortable inflatable mattress complete with real bed base slats.

The ability to setup the inflatable rooftop tent, or not, will mean that campers don’t need to worry about height restrictions on car parks or worry about fuel economy. Also, the inflatable tent becomes a very affordable way to increase the berth capacity of the camper, avoiding the complicated and expensive procedure of having a pop top roof permanently installed. 

Pre-order is available now and costs €500/£499. Could you be in the market for one of the new van camping tents from Decathlon? We think that we are!

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