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5 good reasons to start vanlife in 2021

Now is the time to get into vanlife!

There is so much variation to the concept of vanlifing and the exact definition of it will change depending on who you are asking. However, the desire to live a less complicated life and full of rich experiences is something all of us are in search for, no matter where you choose to sleep at night. Whether you’re thinking about full-timing or part-timing, day trips or never-ending ones, here are 5 good reasons to start vanlife in 2021.

5 good reasons to start vanlife in 2021

5 Good Reasons To Start Vanlife In 2021

1. Reconnect with nature

2020 probably resulted in a lot of time in lockdown at home. Were you unable to get outside as much as you were used to? Imagine not being confined to your apartment in the city, but maybe within your van by the forest instead.


Slide open the door. When you are parked up in nature it is so much easier to enjoy some fresh air, de-stress without the constant hum of urban life in your ears, and absorb some necessary vitamin D.


You don’t need to plan a full road trip. If your local regulations allow, search for a spot close by to go and enjoy for some hours during the day.

Reconnect with nature through vanlife in 2021

2. Rent and test

If you don’t already have a campervan, it has never been easier to find out what will work for you. Numerous rental websites now include campervans that are hired out by private individuals. Not only is it a great place to see how people have accomplished their own DIY projects, but you’ll also quickly find out that there is more to the market than the common VW T4 and Ford Transit.

Van owners are really passionate about this way of life, and also the projects they have undertaken. So be sure to start up a conversation with the owners and tell them that you are hoping to do something similar too. Be sure to ask them for their own thoughts on vanlife, too!

Renting a vehicle might be a better solution in the short term, especially if you are really new to considering vanlife. You won’t need to worry about things such as regular maintenance, legalities such as insurance and conversion regulations, or where you’ll park a van in a place like a city.

Here are two great places to start that we can recommend in Europe: Gobooney and Yescapa
And in the USA: RVshare

3. Minimise

Less stuff, more experiences. A good rule when it comes to what should or shouldn’t be allowed inside your van is, does the item serve multiple purposes? Space is really at a premium, so it is never too early to start decluttering your lifestyle. On your way to downsizing, you might be shocked to find out how much of the stuff you own is not providing much value at all.

We think it is no surprise that more people than ever before are wanting to simplify their life. Our mass consumption society is a dirty circle. Work long hours to pay for things you think you need; things you can barely afford. Pay high rental fees to live closer to your job, or spend more of your time travelling to and from it.  

There is a huge amount of information online to help you get started on the path to minimalism, and you can go as far as you want to with regards to owning less things. A lot of this translates very well to vanlife, so it can be a very informative area to research into before considering moving into your tiny home on wheels.

Frequently online, the topic of how to fund life on the road is bought up. If there was one positive thing that came out of 2020 it was remote working. Employers had to adapt, and very quickly, it was time to work from home.

With working remotely now more acceptable than ever before, have a think what that could mean for your upcoming plans to start vanlife. You’ll be saving time and money on commuting, meaning more advantures and more time to do the things you really want to be doing.

2021 needs to be the year where everyone who wants to be location independent should speak up. Talk to your friends, your colleagues and your family. The bigger this conversation gets, the more accepting society will become to alternative ways of living.

5. Self discovery

Rediscover what is important for you this year. Vanlife often means you’ll be parked somewhere that you want to be! Take a walk/hike/run. Unpack the bike. Go for a swim. Our health should be the number one thing that we keep in check.

Time spent outside could ignite new interests, too. Maybe you’ll start painting the views from out of your window. Maybe you’ll get into photography or music. Embrace the new environment around you and it will result in character building that you might not necessarily get exposed to when sat in a traditional home.

Vanlife is as social or unsocial as you choose it to be. Does your partner want to go exploring, but you’d rather set up the hammock and enjoy a tea? Both agree to let it happen, because tomorrow, it will all still be there for you.

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6. Bonus - your coffee tastes better outside

We’ll let you onto a little secret, your coffee is going to taste sooo much better with an awesome view of some beautiful beach, or lush forest. Just be sure to tag your photos with #advanturemagazine, if you decide to post some.