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Why a digital vanlife magazine, why now?

Why Is Advanture Magazine The Perfect Digital Publication?

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At the very start, we asked ourselves why digital, why now? Advanture Magazine wants to position as a market leader within the vanlife community. The publication is being set up as a multi-channel platform to serve the active, adventure camper who owns a van in Europe. We are not going to be able to do this without growing a connected audience, so please help us to share news about the new magazine, join our social media channels for updates, and most importantly, share your advantures with us. We asked ourselves right at the start, why a digital vanlife magazine and why now? Words by Mascha Blome for Advanture Magazine: Pilot Issue.

The Advanture Magazine will only be published as an online/digital edition with many reasons behind the decision to do so. When weighing up the nostalgic attraction to paper magazines and old books that you can feel and smell, one also must ask, how sustainable is this in the long run?

Even though we want to focus on the awesomeness of life and especially that of vanlife, we need to learn to enjoy nature respectfully. We have to acknowledge that we are living in times with increasing detrimental events such as high air pollution covering our cities, and evidence of climate change that can already be seen ruining our natural world.

Why a digital vanlife magazine and why now?

Vanlife Advanture Magazine interview Kilian Jornet

As we are using our vans a lot, on weekends, for holidays or even for long term living (in the best case!), our CO2 footprint might be small in space, electricity and waste – but it is high in fuel consumption. We are burning diesel and petrol, we can not deny that.

Everyone makes choices and we at the Advanture Magazine since its very conception, have been asking “how can we do this, consciously?”. To start with we will have the smallest footprint possible, as not to add even more to the CO2 emissions than necessary. One could argue that we are using the internet, which in itself has a high footprint through needing to power and cool a server. But on the other hand, look at what we are saving, it is going to be more sustainable. 

On our watch, there will be no trees cut down to publish another magazine. The ground, plants and trees combined are a huge CO2 sink, which should in turn help to protect our glaciers from melting (just recently, glaciers in the Alps were closed to the public as they showed dangerous rates of melting, becoming too unstable..). The forests also protect our hills and mountains from erosion, the risk of landslides are more apparent than ever across Europe in the last year. We can not, on one side support trees being planted for our good conscience, then on the other side purchase or produce print magazines that will destroy these eventually. 

Yes, there is recycled paper but even this is not better than publishing online. Even across parts of Europe today, we are not close to being prepared enough for effective waste recycling.

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This magazine does not need a big office to be produced, no printing machines, no toxic ink use and no delivery trucks. It will save a ton of energy and resources, so this is where we can start doing our little bit.

It is especially in times like right now, with uncontrollable wildfires in the Amazon, California and Australia all in our news feeds, when we can not turn our heads away. It is February 2020 and we have a human responsibility, to take action ourselves. Each person must do as much as they can, to be able to continue using our only planet for what we love, exploring it and enjoying it with respect for the future generations to come.

Anyway, which minimalist has enough space in their van to carry around a pile of old magazines anyway..? 😉

Let us enjoy the outdoors and our advantures with respect for nature, merci. AM