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New Vauxhall Vivaro British Campervan

New British Vauxhall Campervan

Surf, Jam, live in a van. This is what vanlife is all about! Kick back with a cold one and enjoy our summer issue with an epic surf road trip down the Atlantic Coast, an interview with the mountain legend Kilian Jornet, and more European vanlife action.

  • fully kitted out with pop-top roof, side awning, kitchen and bed
  • extras include 25l fridge, freshwater tank, 12v & 240v power, and a stationary parking heater
  • available form early 2021, starting at £46,000
New British Vauxhall Campervan

For the British, the new Vauxhall Campervan might come at a very appropriate time. Firstly, it is unsure how long the complicated restrictions concerning Coronavirus will continue to play out across the UK and the rest of Europe. With staycations still in mind, there has never been a better time, for those who have been considering jumping into vanlife, to search for their perfect home on wheels. And secondly, time is quickly drawing in on the Brexit deadline which could see import tariffs of up to 10% on popular choices from the continent such as those from Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Vanlife is enduring a huge boom of interest this year and we have seen many people switching working from home, to working form the road. The Vauxhall Vivaro will be ready to accommodate the new digital nomad, coming with a complete leisure battery power system, mains hookup, and a 2.2kW parking heater to keep you warm in that beautiful British weather.

The Vauxhall Vivaro Elite is entering the market with a full configuration of equipment, that will enable all those who are able to get behind it’s steering wheel to get out there for a full-on advanture.

New British Vauxhall Campervan - Vanlife Ready?

From the outside, we can see that the build, carried out by Wellhouse Leisure, is based on the Vivaro van chassis. The new British Vauxhall Campervan is fitted with a pop-top, side awning and hook up for mains power. These are luxuries most likely found on popular builds including the VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo and Ford Transit Custom Nugget.

Jumping into the inside of the Vivaro Elite we can see a tidy custom interior that looks extremely usable. Both front seats spin around, turning the rear into a large living space. The rear double bench seat can fold down and becomes a pretty large looking place to sleep. An optional bed can be fitted to the upstairs in the pop-top, to accommodate another two persons.

We’d certainly love to explore more of the UK and see how comfortable we could make the Vauxhall Vivaro Elite feel after a day out running in the Lakes, or maybe even photographing wildlife up in Scotland.

Photos: Vauxhall Media
Text: Alex Brown