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Pixellate your adVANture

Get pixelled with a unique piece of vanlife art

Do you also spend so much time with your van (or any other favourite piece of gear) that you gave it a name and have the feeling it should be on every family photo, hanging on your living room wall? It is time to pixellate your adVANture.

Words by Mascha Blome. Find more inspiration in the upcoming issue 04 of Advanture Magazine.

pixellate your advanture magazine

When we saw Pollypixelt’s amazing vanlife portraits, family photos and more, we had to get involved and tell you all about it as we know many of you would want one of these. Think outside the box, think colours, simplicity, incredible details and loads of little pearls and at the end stands a portrait which leaves you speechless as you could not imagine it becoming that recognisable.

It is not only quite a unique idea to capture your identity and memories, but will also surprise people as a great gift idea. The images that can be created for you are just really fun! Do you remember those plastic pearls that you would iron into beautiful star-shaped coasters for your Mum and Dad’s birthdays when you were a kid? Yes, probably still hanging around in the kitchen cupboard 20 years later no doubt.

Ina, aka Polly, had created her first-pixel item only a few years ago.

Vanlife inspired art featured in Advanture Magazine
Pollypixelt’s artwork in Advanture Magazine pixellate your advanture

Her creative background in print and digital media development prepared her to take the big jump into self-employment and dedicate her entire time to pixel art in 2019. Since then, her portraits of celebrities, families and couples, people and their pets, vans, boats, bikes, friends and even the employees of whole companies are hanging all around the world!

From her home in Germany to places as far as Dubai, Australia, Canada and across Europe, her unique pieces of work find new homes within the lives they represent, which she also loves to share on her Instagram showing the connection she builds to each customer by capturing the essentials with her tiny pearls and set of tweezers.

pixellate your advanture magazine
pixellate your advanture

So, you want to pixellate your adVanture? Check out her website and Instagram page (she speaks English!) to find easy guidance through the process by filling out the proposal form and sending her clear photos of the scene or people and items you want to have arranged. Choose your best photo stood next to your van and a few elements you would like to include in the perfect image, Ina will then will put everything together into your dream Pollypixelt frame!


Pictured below is from the piece that Ina created for my Dads 70th Birthday, including my Mum and capturing all their favourite toys and lifestyle!

Advanture Magazine issue 04
Advanture Magazine issue 04