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MTBvanlife: Search For The Best Trails

A purpose built VW T6 to search out the best spots for MTB in Europe.

Words & Photos: Luke MTBvanlife. Article published in Advanture Magazine issue 02: All Things Dirt!

mtbvanlife in search of the best trails

MTBvanlife out there in search of best trails . Friends Luke and Sam set their minds on a project to fuel their desires to ride new trails. The vision was to have a purpose-built solution in a van, to allow them to adventure further, with everything they needed on-board at all times.

“We had always ridden fairly locally but found that driving with a car both limited us in how far we could go, and the amenities we could bring along. Sam purchased a VW Transporter new in 2017 which we then set upon kitting out and modifying for the ‘Ad-van-ture’ and MTB scene. It was as we put pen to paper and started designing that we thought about publishing our journey online as a great way to share ideas and make new friends. We are not full-time vanlifers, but choose to spend as much of our free time as possible, escaping the rush of everyday life whenever we can.

Where we choose to travel depends on how much time we have, and what we want to do which could be to MTB, kayak or hike. We try to make the most of long weekends and bank holidays. We often decide on last-minute trips and have been to Wales numerous times, leaving after work on a Friday and coming back on a Sunday evening. The distance is not so much an issue! The more remote, the more comfortable we feel.”

“We often decide on last-minute trips, leaving after work on a Friday, coming back Sunday evening.”

Their big trip last year was a run down to the French Alps. On the itinerary were a number of bike parks, that are actually ski resorts during the winter season. Many stations convert their chair lifts to carry the bikes, offering some incredible downhill options.

“We went for two weeks and had the best time at Alpe d’Huez who had sponsored us. Riding the Alps is like Wales on steroids! At home, a normal weekend would see us on relatively flat trails, compared to the insane size and scale of what is on offer in the Alps. We love this varied choice, which comes easy when you have a campervan. 

MTBvanlife search best trails – read more in the Advanture Magazine

Our bodies were so tired at the end of each day. The mountain terrain is so different on each bump and turn. It was really important for us to be comfortable each night.”

Actually, they had found a somewhat luxurious camping site, halfway up one of the mountains. Complete with outdoor swimming pool and a hot tub, it would have been easy to feel refreshed when climbing back into the van each night, to recharge for the next day of action!

Find out more about MTBvanlife on their website and social media channels @MTBvanlife

All the MTB gear loaded on a Front Runner roof rack
All the MTB gear loaded on a Front Runner roof rack
MTBvanlife Luke riding in the UK
MTBvanlife Luke riding a trail in the UK