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Advanture mag 07: fully redesigned

Advanture mag 07: fully redesigned

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Issue 07 of the adventure vanlife journal

We are back with the first full-production issue of Advanture mag! New everything. Logo, art design, paper, size … you name it.

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Advanture Magazine issue 07 out now

Taking a step back sincethe previous issue, we wanted tocombine everything we had learnt to finally bring the magazine to the market as a complete, commercial offering. There are so many things to enjoy about the new Advanture mag.

We have increased the physical size, now it measures a really nice 255x197x10mm. More room to breathe between the text, and larger photos to sit back and soak up.

We’ve changed the printer, too. The new magazine is printed on FSC certified paper. 120gsm uncoated internal paper, with a 300gsm soft-touch matt-lam outer cover. This thing oozes a premium look and feel.

Advanture Magazine issue 07 out now
Advanture Magazine issue 07 out now

Both at home, and while out exploring in your van, the magazine will look great on the coffee table, or camp chair. Take time to enjoy the long-format stories from the open road. And, enjoy regular features such as Park UP, Gear UP and some DIY.

To find out what stories are featured in the latest issue of Advanture mag, head on over to the issue 07 product page in our shop by clicking here.

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