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10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need

Now is the time to pickup some of the best adventure vanlife equipment for your rig. Here are 10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need.

10 pieces of adventure vanlife hear you need advanture magazine

With holiday season upon us, now is a good time to share our 10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need. Try picking up a discount this season on some of these items, which we can assure you, stand the test when it comes to fitting out an adventure camper.

10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need

Slim fuel canister for vw camper t4

These durable offroad canisters are a great addition to the adventure camper. Coming in a range of sizes and colours, you will certainly be able to find the correct match for your needs.

We really like the slimline design, and mounting them to the side of the vehicle is using a space that is otherwise not suited for much else. The carry handles ensure ease of use, spouts can be connected for pouring liquids, and the rated temperature range is from -50c right up to +50c.

Russian made, we would not worry about them being fit for the job. Tigerexped, a German outfitter, retail these canisters in Europe along with a ton of other adventure gear to outfit your camper.

Photo @baer.karl

A perfectly suited camp axe for the adventure campervan. Much smaller than a traditional axe, worthy of keeping onboard to get a camp fire going as quickly as possible.

Cut down small logs, prepare kindling and use the hammerhead for cracking pieces of wood in-two.

The SOG camp axe has an engraveable, stainless-steel head, and easy to hold glass-reenforced nylon hand grip. Pair the axe with some of the other outdoor products from SOG, such as a multitool and saw, to have a comprehensive tool set for camp preparations.

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The digital edition is an interactive 60-page magazine, fully optimised for reading on your tablet or smartphone. This must be one of the 10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need! Download the magazine to your mobile device so that you can take it off grid on your next adventure.

Quechua wood burner stove Advanture Magazine

You’ve cut some wood with your SOG axe, so what to burn it in? There is a lot of choice on the market when it comes to selecting a wood burner, but we think that the MH500 from Quechua at Decathlon is perfectly matched for the campervan. Sensibly priced, this is a great piece of gear to treat yourself to, or buy as a gift.


The burner itself is very well built and comes as a single piece. It does not pack flat, which we think is a plus point as you are not able to loose any parts, and reduces the risk of something breaking. The burner comes with it’s own padded carry case, so it can be neatly stored inside the campervan when not in use.


Our editor, Alex Brown, has put the Quechua MH500 wood burner to the test, successfully cooking a few meals on it. We’ll have a review up on our Youtube channel very soon. A top piece of gear that truly earns a spot on the 10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need.

You may have noticed the easily recognisable solar generators splashed over social media. The Jackery portable power system entered the European market recently by storm. And we have to say, they are actually really good pieces of gear.

We were very curious to find out if the Jackery lived up to the hype, and can happily report that these are a very competitively priced, robust option that is perfectly suited for the adventure vehicle.

There are a number of sizes available in the range, starting at the rather small Explorer 240, and scaling up to the massive Explorer 1000. Jackery also produce a solar panel that plugs directly into the power system, which effectively charges with the built in MPPT charge controller. The unit can be charged via the 12v socket in your camper while the engine is on, and also with the supplied AC wall plug.

Each unit varies in the amount of outlets and sockets available, but all contain a 12v socket, a number of USBs and wall style outlet (UK, EU and USA sockets available)

We have a full video review releasing shortly on our Youtube channel, under the gear guides and reviews.

Earlier this year, the new outdoor drinkwear range from Dometic was released. The small range includes a standard cup, two sizes of thermo bottles, and two sizes of tumbler style mugs. Three nice colours cover the range.


If you are already a fan of the brand, then these might be a great addition to your cupboard. Shop now on the Dometic website. 

10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need

Another publication on our 10 pieces of adventure vanlife gear you need. Want to wake up to a breathtaking new view every morning? Have you been dreaming about owning a vehicle to fuel your adventures? Thanks to The Van Conversion Bible Guide, building a  your very own rolling home and camper has become possible. Escape the daily grind, hit the open road and re-write the way you live.

“The Van Conversion Bible Guide is the ultimate guide to planning, designing and converting a campervan. It’s more than just the story of how we built our own van Ringo, it will help you build a van bespoke to your needs. It provides definitive answers to your questions (even the ones you haven’t thought of yet!) to ensure you save time and avoid expensive mistakes.” Authors, Charlie & Dale

Earlier this year we wrote a comprehensive article to making better camp coffee. The Aeropress GO is a newer product to the Aeropress range, which is built around a more compact coffee press to the original design. The coffee we tasted from it was absolutely delicious, and is something that every valifer needs to be carrying onboard.

The Aeropress GO is similar to a French Press, in the way in which you make coffee. Aside to the press, you get a cup, spoon for measuring out coffee, mixing stick and a neat filter holder. Everything packs together into the cup to keep your space clean and tidy. Pair it with come freshly ground coffee or espresso for your next camp. Really, it is perfect for the adventure vehicle, and someone who loves great tasting coffee.

The Omnia stovetop oven range was recently expanded, and now you can buy an additional Pan Maxi to increase your meals from 50-100% in size. Built from the same durable material as the original pan, the new Pan Maxi works with all of the original accessories too.


We could imagine meeting up with friends at camp and cooking a meal to share, prepared in the Omnia. Or, cook with a pair of Pan Maxis to serve up comprehensive dishes for numerous campers.

For extended van adventures, one of the things we must consider is the availability, and storage of safe drinking water. If you have a well thought out system, you’ll also be able to survive for longer periods while camped stationary. The brand LifeStraw has some very dependable options available to solve your water problems.

This 5l gravity-fed system is perfect for setting up at camp. Fill the bag and hang it up on something like your bike rack, then let gravity pull the water through the filter. Its large size means you don’t have to make multiple trips to collect water, and can quench the thirst of a number of people at camp.

What we also want to highlight is the mission that LifeStraw represents. For every LifeStraw that is sold, the brand has committed to giving a school child in a developing country clean drinking water for a whole year. Head to their website to learn more about the Follow The Litres campaign.