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5 reasons you need a knife from TJB

From EDCs to utility knives, this is our new favourite go-to brand for knives. Here are 5 reasons you need a knife from TJB

Advertorial for The James Brand, by Alex Brown. Article contains affiliate links.

The Ellis Slim EDC from The James Brand

Not long ago, I had never owned a quality knife. Since getting my hands on a couple of knives from The James Brand, I can honestly say that I have been missing out. All I needed was to learn 5 reasons you need a knife from TJB and I wouldn’t have waited so long. My name is Alex Brown and I am the founding editor of Advanture Magazine. Due to the small amount of available space in any given campervan, it is essential that every piece of gear we take on the road, is going to perform and exceed any and all expectations. The James Brand (TJB) is one of those brands that I know I will start to carry with me on all adventure trips.

If you are interested in finding out more about this brand, then please hit the following link to see the manufacturers website.

1) Unmatched aesthtics

I’ll start the list with giving The James Brand some vanity points. These knives, and the rest of the gear they make, looks really good! Sure I could have gone and got a standard utility knife to cut down kindling for my next camp fire, but having something that looks as great as these knives just makes the whole experience feel that much better.

Materials aside, I think that The James Brand are working closely with creatives in their respective fields in order to produce products that deliver personality. Nearly all (if not all), models come in a wide range of colours so that you have the choice when it comes to building out a collection to suit your lifestyle. 

I chose to start a collection based on the tan/sand colour pallet. I felt these would fit into the type of camping I like to do, where I try to blend into the natural surroundings and immerse myself in an experience with as little distractions as possible. But then when it came time to pick out a third knife to keep in my fly fishing kit bag, I went for something with some colour and flare to it, matching the range of colourful flies I keep in my box. Why? Because it feels good!

2) The new Ellis Slim

When TJB reached out to me and introduced the new Ellis Slim, I was very glad that I was able to adopt a new EDC into my collection. As thin as a pack of gum, this knife defines everyday carry for me with its extremely minimalist approach. It slips into a shirt or jeans pocket, secured firmly by the clip. Hardly feeling it on your person, I soon realised how nice it felt to have the Ellis Slim ready to call upon for a number of little tasks throughout the day.

This knife includes a bit on one end that functions as a flat headed screwdriver bit, perfect for changing the batteries on my 35mm film camera on the day I went out to shoot! And, doubles as a bottle opener, perfect for opening that cold beer once my shoot was done.

The half-serrated blade helps whittle down kindling to get a fire started with ease, and mine came in this black Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel which backs up my previous point about the beautiful aesthetics of the brand.

To top things off, The Ellis Slim is a UK legal EDC, with its non-locking and two handed opening blade.

3) Kinves for all situations

Make no mistake, these are not multi-tools. But that isn’t a bad thing as I don’t want to be cutting my steak with a blade that I was repairing my van with earlier on in the day …

The James Brand carries a range of knives to get every day jobs done using something like The Palmer for packing Advanture Magazine orders, or The Hell Gap when I am out on the road. The latter is one knife that I love having on-board in the camper. I’ve used it for foraging mushrooms right through to prepping dinner that same night. This one in particular is a fixed blade that stores safely in a sheath (supplied). Again, I choose to own it in a muted colour but there are some other options available.

One of the things I love most about this knife is the slightly heavier weight which feels great in your hand and confirms your effort when chopping food.


4. Aspirational gift

When it comes to price point, I feel that TJB has got something in there for most of us. If this could be your first consideration of a slightly more designer knife, then you could consider one of the sub £100 offerings such as The Ellis Slim (above) or The Elko. As I mentioned at the start of this blog, owning a quality knife is a game changer, all it takes is you to take that step forwards to realise it.

I’ve got my eyes on one of the more fancy knives, for a future purchase in any case. The Wayland is a gorgeous folding knife sporting a steel blade, housed in a rosewood handle. Something like that would be a memorable purchase for me, maybe bought for an event such as a special birthday or moment in my travel career … I did just publish issue 10 of Advanture Magazine, that counts right?!

I think The James Brand products make the ideal aspirational gift. So if you are someone shopping for a loved one, please note the following pictures that show the premium packaging that the products arrive in. That is an experience of its own when you get to unbox the product.

5. Designed, built and sold by adventurers

Heard that sales pitch a few times before. But the team behind The James Brand are the real deal. Hailing from Portland Oregon, adventures that their team enjoy place them in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest – somewhere you can’t be relying on bad gear. Made from premium materials combined with minimalist designs, it’s gear that suits the modern adventurer. 

And this is what talks to me the most. I’m out in the wild by choice, it’s my lifestyle. I feel good sitting around my van with a handful of things that I enjoy using, and this is where my knives from The James Brand help complete that picture. As I kit out the campervan of my dreams, I only want to be carrying the pieces of gear that truly feel like they are there to work for me time and time again. I have no doubts that I’ll be carrying my EDCs and camp knives for many, many years to come.

Alright, and that is my 5 reasons you need a knife from TJB. See you on the road, Alex.

Editor Advanture Magazine.

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