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What’s in Advanture Magazine issue 01?

Welcome to a new digital vanlife magazine. Let the advanture begin!

Press release: 14/02/2020
Read the issue Advanture Magazine issue 01: Pilot Issue

What's in Advanture Magazine pilot issue 01

Advanture Magazine issue 01 is ready, the pilot issue of a new vanlife publication.

“I have been waiting to send out this first email. Thank you to everyone who has joined our new community which is already 1600 members strong.

When I was a teenager travelling the world as a professional kitesurfer, we’d sleep in the back of old workers vans covered in sand, and between crusty kites. I never thought that there were so many other people out there who were even more passionate about this way of life than I was. So here is a magazine just for us.

Let the advanture begin.”
Alex B. editor

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