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Taller #1: vanlife community projects

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Taller is dedicated to vanlife community projects. We are quite a creative community in general, with most first-time vanlifers scouting the market for an empty commercial van, who then go full-on DIY to bring the dream to life.

This article appeared in Advanture Magazine issue 01: Pilot Issue. Click here to read.

And some take things that one step further. Meet the people who are building up craft businesses, from behind the wheel.

1 Vanlifer, Mike, has a passion project to sketch his way through the next 30 years of life. Currently working on a visual record to #vanlife – he has already quit his job so that he can travel and live full-time with his girlfriend, drawing inspiration from his van and mobile gallery.  Order yours at

2 Check out these handmade, quality metal cast items in Dietlinds’ online store. This artist is currently doing a DIY van conversion but was able to send us a whale tail bottle topper which is absolutely stunning. Other items include keyrings cast from fossilised shark teeth and shells. SUPER nice work. Get yours from

3 French Advanture campers, Charlotte and Damien, have a great eye to the details for customising both the interior and exterior of their campervan. With a home base in Rhône-Alpes, they are perfectly situated for touring around the continent on a number of excursions per year.

Their customisation ideas can be applied to any van. We particularly love the change to the tabletop design, which can be seen on their Instagram and Facebook pages.  Say hi to them at @adVANture_fr AM

Are you a digital nomad busy creating the next app, or maybe you are finding inspiration from the road and building something out of raw materials? We’d love to see what our community has got going on, to feature in the next TALLER.