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Advanture Magazine is a unique publication for the adventure and sports vanlife community. This is the first dedicated vanlife print and digital platform within the niche, showing extremely positive growth since the release of the Pilot Issue released in February 2020.

Space is at a premium when you travel with a home on wheels, so we offer both a digital and digest size print magazine. Choose to disconnect with our premium and limited print edition, or enjoy while in transit with the digital edition. Advanture Magazine is optimised to work across all platforms including smartphone and tablet, for a fully immersive experience.

DIGITAL. Users interact with rich media across our pages, where they can view videos, browse image galleries and link out to social media or web stores. Print magazines simply can not do this.

PRINT. Alongside the digital edition is our premium limited edition print volume. Our printer sources paper from responsible sources and we use a quality vegetable based ink. Packed in a single 100% recyclable mailer, we are very conscious about doing our part to lower our own carbon footprint.

We have readers from 78 countries, with a core audience visiting from member states of the EU.

Readers locations October 2020

Social Media

Small, but powerful. Our presence on social media is growing positively. This competitive visual space has a lot of vanlife content, but we are cutting right through it and reaching a niche audience who seek longer-form content.

We are currently converting our social media audience over to a mailing list, where we can present them each new issue of Advanture Magazine as soon as it is ready. We carefully manage our own audience, and are not reliant on Facebook/Instagram.

  • We reached over 2m people in Q4 2020
  • Consistent engagement rate on social media
  • Our own hashtag #advanturemagazine with thousands of user uploads
  • Instagram stories getting 1000+ views per post
  • Instagram stories with interactive elements are being used
  • 0-10k followers in under 8 months
Advanture Magazine Instagram statistics Nov 2020
Advanture Magazine social media statistics November 2020


We offer a comprehensive platform for you to advertise on, to get your brand in front of the Advanture Magazine audience. Our plans includes exposure in both the digital and print edition of the magazine, as well as on social media. A generous offer is available for a 4 issue deal (annual). Rates can be found in our Advanture Magazine 2021 media kit (click here).