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Vanlife Advanture Magazine issue 03 summer vibes

Advanture Magazine ISSUE 03 Summer Vibes!

Advanture Magazine ISSUE 03 Summer Vibes!

Published on August 18, 2020

Surf, Jam, live in a van. This is what vanlife is all about!

Kick back with a cold one and enjoy our summer issue with an epic surf road trip down the Atlantic Coast, an interview with the mountain legend Kilian Jornet, and more European vanlife action.

“The one thing on my mind when it comes to summer is where my surf trip will take me each year! I’ve got so much excitement this year from seeing all the awesome #advanturemagazines photos tagged on social media, and reading the feature story with Nina Ninsta from this issue. Now that it’s published, I’m packing my van and heading straight for the west coast of France!”
Alex B. editor

Let the advanture begin! Advanture Magazine issue 03

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